A brilliant day in the park today. One of the problems of wearing a lot of lycra means that you get fairly significant tan lines. Etiquette demands that for skaters those tan lines should be razor sharp, so the shorts will be placed accurately back on the line after topping up with sunscreen. 🙂

My favourite sunscreen is Riemann P20 Once a Day 10 Hours Protection SPF 20 Medium 200ml, an all day protection that suits me very well in the English climate. Then a little recovery milkshake after a ride into work, and time for a selfie at the Albert Memorial with my treasured Easy Saturday Skate jersey. At the end of the day, the Salvation Army band came through, super cool!

The Easy Saturday Skate runs every Saturday morning at 10:30 at the Pagoda in Battersea Park. It’s for skaters of all levels, but aimed at beginners and socialising. They skate an easy and slow two laps of the park. Highly recommended.