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Chalk Drawing – skating a circle

Using chalk lines is a great way to improve your skating skills, and to teach students. Circles are commonly used for exercises like crossovers, parallel and lunge turns, figure-of-8 races, etc.

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Why should you bend your knees on skates?

Bending your knees on skates

Part 2 – Why


In the previous article I explored good posture, how to bend your knees, and how to work on increasing that kneebend during normal skating.  This article explores why you should bend your knees in more detail, with focus on speed.

Want to go fast?

One of the biggest reasons for major knee bend is that it increases the size of your push.  A bigger push means that you will be able to skate faster, all else being the same.

I got my son to take a series of photographs, in three different positions, and from the front and side.  The two sets with recreational kneebend resulted in a roughly 50cm baseline push size, whilst the speedskating posture was over 80cm.

All stances were balanced with the pushing leg completely straight, and very little weight on the pushing skate.  Although posed, this would […]

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Gravity Master inline skate brakes


Must admit my thoughts like much like those I posted already on the Flexbrake article here.

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Naomi Grigg’s Skating Years – Part 15

Naomi Grigg’s Skating Years – Part 15 by Naomi Grigg


The rest of the race was a blur. There is something about passing people wearing all the flash gear that really drives you on. I remember passing one guy who looked about thirty and relatively normal, with his 5 wheelers and lycra on, with a cycle helmet and the optional shades – and thinking ‘how must he feel? How must he feel being passed by a 4-wheeler, shorts, t-shirt and helmet wearing chick?’. I don’t think that ‘humiliated’ can possibly cover it. But for every chunk I took out of other peoples egos, I added a one to my own, and faster and faster I skated until the end of the lap.

I got into the pits, shoved the baton into the next skaters hand, and nearly blacked out as I stumbled, shaking and trembling onto the carpet of the team […]

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Sweetlove Butterfly by Ian Roberts


Ian Roberts, an up and coming singer song writer, has featured a group of skaters who regularly skate at the Stratford Centre, and also some Beach scenes in Hyde Park. A really great video, as much for the song as for the fantastic skating showcased so beautifully here.

It’s so inspiring that I wish I lived closer to Stratford Centre! The Hyde Park scenes are pretty cool too.

More at

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Naomi Grigg’s Skating Years – Part 14

Naomi Grigg’s Skating Years – Part 14 by Naomi Grigg


There were twelve per team, and each team was split into three shifts of four skaters, so four skaters would rotate the baton, and then another shift would take over. Of the last shift, one skater had to do the final two laps, as the change over lane was shut fifteen minutes before the end (each lap was 10-14 minutes for us). Of the first shift, one skater had to start the race. Starting the race involved standing on one side of the track, in your socks, whilst your skates lay across the other side of the track. The race starts and you sprint across, put your skates on and go. Once you arrive back to your team’s pit, you pass on your baton and the next member of your shift goes out. Each lap was 4.35 km, starting with […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 13

Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 13 by Naomi Grigg

So, I made the fast team for Le Mans. And that’s where the fun of competition seemed to end, and they joy and arrogance of knowing I was fast began – just like when I came to London and was able to measure myself against other freestyle skaters, when we went to Le Mans we were able to measure ourselves against the ‘pros’ for the first time. And it was quite a shock, I can tell you.

It was an awesome weekend – we hired a small bus for us to travel there and back in, and had to camp the Friday and Sunday nights in a regular campsite, and on Saturday night we were able to camp at the Le Mans circuit itself. We arrived after dark on Friday and couldn’t see a thing – a lot of people were […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 12

Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 12 by Naomi Grigg

Suicide? You do what kind of skates? Yes, suicide skates. They started during the summer season because the marshals of the two weekly street skates wanted to be able to go out and let rip, without having to worry about being responsible for hundreds of other skaters. It started out being a very small group of about ten skaters who communicated via a yahoo group called ‘skate club’ (yes, a fight club reference). The idea was that we would keep them secret so that nobody would come on them who we would have to worry about – so that we could jump a red light, looking after ourselves, and know that no-one else would blindly follow. It was very much an ‘everyone for themselves’ thing, where testosterone ruled and if you were too slow to keep with the group, you’d […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 11

Part 11 by Naomi Grigg

I completed my finals in Manchester and within a few days of arriving home in Wiltshire, had headed to London. I packed a small day-sac with a change of clothes, some spare t-shirts, which could be used as clothing, nightwear or towels, a few sets of underwear and a few hygienic items, hung a pair of skates over the side, and grabbed a sleeping bag. You could tell I was going to London for good this time because I thought to take a sleeping bag.

On arrival in London I went through the familiar routine of asking for a place to stay for the night in the pub, and to my surprise, one of the skaters happened to have a spare room that was available for rent! Luck I tell you. Luck has always stepped in. His place was in Battersea which was easily skate-able from […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 10

Part 10 – by Naomi Grigg

A couple of months after that first impromptu visit, I qualified as a Level 1 Skating Instructor. It was during that weekend that Berti, the head of the European instructors, who had flown in from Munich to examine us, first made me learn to skate properly in a straight line. All that effort that I had spent years putting into tying my feet into knots in the name of freestyle skating, and it had never occurred to me that there was so much more to learn about skating in a straight line. I say ‘so much more’ but I really just mean that it would be a good idea to use the outside edges occasionally. What a difference it made! Suddenly I was so so so SO much faster. I can’t really stress that point enough – my speed increased massively after that weekend.

Soon […]

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