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Cool daisy chains are cool!

Sometimes I get some delightful gifts, such as this daisy chain from a young student. That cheered up a cloudy day hugely. I did well yesterday too, with some mentos and a slice of cake. 🙂

A benefit of spending so much time outdoors is that you get to see lots of unusual bikes and skates. How lucky are these kids in this Babboe bakfiets?

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 6

Part 6 – by Naomi Grigg

Life in Manchester wasn’t much more active skate-wise for the first couple of years. During the summer between my 2nd & 3rd years, I was really down and unhappy. I went to Essex for my summer placement, settled into my lodgings and stayed in for 2 weeks wallowing in my own misery. I threw myself into my work in an effort to reset myself, but it didn’t really help. Eventually I decided to get the train into London one weekend and skate around a bit. I did and it was so exiting, cruising around, exploring places I’d never been before, and I wondered why I didn’t skate more in Manchester – it would be so great to skate in and out of uni and the city centre. Everything would be so much quicker, and it would mean I was on my skates a bit […]

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A nice sunny day in the park, topping up those tan lines…


A brilliant day in the park today. One of the problems of wearing a lot of lycra means that you get fairly significant tan lines. Etiquette demands that for skaters those tan lines should be razor sharp, so the shorts will be placed accurately back on the line after topping up with sunscreen. 🙂

My favourite sunscreen is Riemann P20 Once a Day 10 Hours Protection SPF 20 Medium 200ml, an all day protection that suits me very well in the English climate. Then a little recovery milkshake after a ride into work, and time for a selfie at the Albert Memorial with my treasured Easy Saturday Skate jersey. At the end of the day, the Salvation Army band came through, super cool!

The Easy Saturday Skate runs every Saturday morning at 10:30 at […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 5

Part 5 – by Naomi Grigg

During my pre-inlines years, I had managed to jump at the ice rink one day, but really badly. As in, the ice steward that I showed it to wasn’t completely convinced that I’d left the floor. I did, I know I did – and it scared the living daylights out of me. Within weeks I was jumping like an athlete – we’re talking at LEAST 10cm off the ice. I was feeling really good about this – I hadn’t really seen anyone else doing it, other than one time when I was a kid and was skating at Centre Parks on holiday – a lad in the roller rink area jumped up and actually turned in the air and landed backwards. I remember being stunned and wondering how that was even possible. So I was pretty keen to get on with this jumping thing. […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 4

Part 4 by Naomi Grigg

The grapevine. What a move. Seeing that move for the first time was one of those amazing moments of inspiration where you feel your hairs prick up and you get that excited fluttering feeling like you’ve just fallen in love. I think his name was Richard, and we’d just met him. He fancied Cheri and was trying to impress her. Asking her over in smokers’ corner if she would snog him hadn’t worked, so I guess he was appealing to her interest in skating. I knew he was just about to do a trick, so as usual my practiced eyes were peeled, ready to take in and remember exactly what his feet were doing so I could learn to repeat it over the coming weeks – but nothing prepared me for what he did with his feet. The adrenaline coursed through me as his feet […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 3

Part 3 by Naomi Grigg

naomi-6For a few months I had noticed another similarly aged girl at the same sessions as I went to. She didn’t speak to anyone either, and wore ice hockey skates too. She was doing the same things as me and I often thought of how great it would be to be her friend. I never did speak to her though and months later during one of the ultra quiet lunchtime sessions she came up to me and paid me the greatest compliment I think I had ever received. “Excuse me, do you play ice hockey?”. I was blown away completely and gushed something crap like “No! no… why, are you? I thought you were” whilst trying to keep my cool and not nervous giggle like the social incompetent that I was. She replied with […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 2

Part 2 by Naomi Grigg

The months passed, and now I was not only turning from forwards to backwards with confidence and much better success rate, but I was doing crossovers going forwards. Turning from backwards to forwards was still a problem though but like everything else I learned, I knew how to sort it out. It would just take 4 or 5 hours of repetition. One hour each session, doing it over and over again. I still believe that you can learn most things without an instructor – you just need to try it enough times and eventually your body will adjust what it is doing to enable you to do it without stumbling and falling over as much. It’s never a case of not falling anymore – but those times get pretty few & far between.

Learning the backwards to forwards transition also taught me something about the learning […]

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Naomi Grigg’s skating years – Part 1

Part 1 by Naomi Grigg, March 2007


This article is all about Naomi’s years of learning to skate, and how she progressed through the skating world.  It’s pretty cool, partly for the bits I can empathise with, and partly because it makes her a little more human!

Naomi writes:

I was 15 and bored out of my mind. It was the school holidays in a small village in Wiltshire where I knew pretty much no-one, and I decided to go to the ice rink in Swindon. I walked 2 miles to the bus stop, waited for the hourly bus, and went for a skate – and again a week later, and ended up going 2 or 3 times a week. It became the most exciting parts of the week – I was so excited before each visit – I’d be away from all of life’s stresses in the most perfect environment. There […]

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Naomi Grigg – first time on skates, ever?

Naomi Grigg – one of the legends of skating who so many of us look up to, here skating at about age 8.


Here’s a quote from Naomi when I commented on how falling and hitting her knee was no obstacle, she just got up and carried on skating:

My Mum said that video really showed how I was never a complainer. I remember seeing 2 boys with their own inlines on and it was a really formative memory because they were so good. One of them not only jumped, but actually was able to jump up and land backwards. Impossible. I was in wonderment!

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Le Mans 2013 memories – by Van Dieu

Le Mans 2013 – 24 hour skating race

The French are well known for their love of all things “Roller”, so it should come as no surprise to discover that the biggest and most well-loved skate event in Europe is the 24hr du Mans Roller – known simply as “Le Mans” to the UK skating community – held each year at the prestigious Le Mans Bugatti circuit in the Sarthe of France.  Each year, skaters across France and much further afield make the annual pilgrimage to do this unique race – some competitively, others in a more relaxed fashion, all for the simple love of skating.  London teams have been attending the Le Mans race every year in increasingly strengthening numbers since a small contingent first went in 2002, and this year saw more UK/London-based teams and skaters than ever before make the short trip across the channel, with conservative […]