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Powerslide Doop Skates with Wellies

Powerslide Doop skates with wellies

We’ve all enjoyed the arrival of the cool overskates that you can use your normal shoes with, but this is a new use on me! Le Mans 2013 this year was a bit of a swamp in places due to rain, so wellington boots were quite a good choice. I’m quite impressed with Jonathan for taking this one step further and using them with his Doop skates though. 😀

London Mayhem Le Mans 2013

London Mayhem Le Mans 2013.. Smiles 🙂


Every year it begins with a conversation amongst friends; skaters. “Who wants to do Le Mans this year?” Then it evolves into Facebook groups, intentions and arrangements. Then the excitement builds as the date looms…

A Team name, an ethos for racing, training commitments, trips to Tatem Park to skate with others, Richmond park for hills, Hillingdon Cycle circuit for laps and changes.. Things evolve, confidence builds..

The “London Mayhem” project was conceived in November 2012 with the aim of having a fun Le Mans experience with a close-knit bunch of friends. This was clearly evident by the pre-event meetings in venues such as the The Victoria and The Mitre pubs (carb loading), as well as the infamous Nandos (protein!). However, someone’s definition of fun took a wrong turn when the suggestion of training was put forward, and so the hill repeats and relay changeover […]

Some quotes from Le Mans 2013 24 hours Roller

Flemming from LondonSkaters Speed Team:

Something that was hugely satisfying about the race was getting payoff for all the preparation. The conversations and advice about recuperation and nutrition that meant that I could keep consistent time throughout, and on demand do a flying lap on demand, even 22hours into the event (in support of a London team mate in contention for the podium). The drills and practice which meant that even when the lungs where bursting, the legs and back were aching, the technique was still there and still efficient. The understanding of skating dynamics so could adapt cadence and push throughout the lap. But what really made the event was I was doing that with a group of 70 or so London skaters that had shared my preparation journey, and were enjoying their own races.


Mital from London Wheelers:

Last weekend was my 5th attempt at […]

Le Mans 2013 memories – by Van Dieu

Le Mans 2013 – 24 hour skating race

The French are well known for their love of all things “Roller”, so it should come as no surprise to discover that the biggest and most well-loved skate event in Europe is the 24hr du Mans Roller – known simply as “Le Mans” to the UK skating community – held each year at the prestigious Le Mans Bugatti circuit in the Sarthe of France.  Each year, skaters across France and much further afield make the annual pilgrimage to do this unique race – some competitively, others in a more relaxed fashion, all for the simple love of skating.  London teams have been attending the Le Mans race every year in increasingly strengthening numbers since a small contingent first went in 2002, and this year saw more UK/London-based teams and skaters than ever before make the short trip across the channel, with conservative […]

Wheels and Wheelchairs

Wheels and Wheelchairs are a group of London-based skaters, rollerbladers and wheelchair users who go out together as a group on a regular basis. Their aim is to raise awareness of the difficulties that wheelchair users encounter on a daily basis, and they want to encourage wheelchair users to live more active lives, through their participation in outdoor sports.

The wheelchair users are pushed by the skaters, and together they cover a distance of 5 – 12 miles. They meet twice a month, and their joint trips usually start in one of London’s main parks – either Battersea Park or Victoria Park; and on the last Sunday of the month, they usually go out on the Snail Stroll, which is organised by the London Friday Night Skate.

As a group of able bodied and disabled friends, they go out together to do what neither group would be able to do on […]

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