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Tips and Tricks

Naomi’s Roller Derby Crossovers Tutorial

As most of you already know, Naomi Grigg is a pretty excellent teacher. Here’s her take on Roller Derby crossovers. To be frank, this is applicable to most crossovers, as I’ve also observed many people not making much use of the power available from the under pushing foot.

Nice shout out to an Eddy Matzger drill, that of towing another skater around the outside. I was delighted to see this, because I also learnt this drill from Eddy, and it’s one I love to use myself. It’s very good at getting people to lean to the extremes, to push sideways, and to use both legs equally, whilst slowing down crossovers and letting you not have to worry about left-right balance. This is brilliant for then practicing each aspect of crossover technique.

How to bend your knees on skates

Many people skate with legs that are far too straight, simply because it’s the easy option. In the end this will leave you with all kinds of negative effects, such as severely limiting your top speed and reducing your ability to balance. On the other hand, having both proper posture and good knee bend will up the power you’re capable of putting to the ground, it’ll enable you improve your balance, grace, and flow, and it simply looks far better. How to bend your knees on skates is a guide to help you be the best skater you can be.

This article is aimed mostly at those wanting to skate faster, more like speedskaters, though it’s clear that many recreational skaters also need to bend their knees more.

Proper posture

Just in shoes or bare feet, practice skating posture:

  • Whilst standing, raise your toes off the ground and wiggle them. This way […]

How to stop on inline skates using a heel brake

This tutorial covers how to stop on inline skates using a heel brake. It’s one of the easiest stops on rollerblades, but is still technically difficult for newer skaters.

Ready Position

Feet parallel, boots one hand’s breadth apart, wheels leaning outwards slightly.


Draw back the left leg, and ease forwards the right leg (with brake), keeping both the left-right space and the slight lean outwards of each skate constant. How long (forwards-backwards) should the scissor be? Looking from the side, there should be at least no overlap between the heelbrake on the front skate and the toe wheel of the back skate. For taller people this can be slightly longer still to ensure that you get the same leg angles.

Scissor inline skates to brake



Also known as the control phase, the slide is […]