Yup, including me. Sooner or later, everybody falls when skating.

I’m not that bothered with a little lost skin. I was playing hockey with a bunch of friends and a push from another skater had me over. It wasn’t their fault – hockey is a contact sport after all, even relatively gentle pickup hockey in the park. Years of falling over meant that it was nothing more than a gentle roll. Eddy Matzger taught me years ago that the more you roll, the less skin you lose. That was a tip worth its weight in gold, and it meant that here I lost hardly any skin. Perhaps I’m a bad example by not wearing pads?

I must admit I’d normally want to wear shin and knee guards when playing hockey, but that’s mostly to avoid the pain of taking a stick to your shins. I’d probably have been scrape free otherwise. Most of my skating friends have at least one pair of jeans with torn knees too.