I taught lessons in Norman Park today, which was rather good fun. Haven’t been here on skates in a while since we moved out of the area. It was a lovely sunny spring day, albeit with fairly cold air at 17 degrees C, hence the base layer.

I taught a couple of teenagers, and was super impressed with their politeness and ability to listen and learn. They were rather co-ordinated, and soaked up skating skills like sponges.

I don’t mind how fast people learn, as I’ll adapt to their pace, but it is nice to cover a lot in a lesson. Of course this means that each skill we do is practiced less by the students, so they won’t get as much muscle memory. On the positive side, they know what to do and how to practice it, as well as having the confidence to go skate on their own.

Oh, funny episode. I saw a lady with teenage daughter on quad skates, and assumed they were my students. Skated up and said a friendly hello, despite being slightly puzzled that there was only one skater. Oops!