Skating Practice Club

What is it?

The club is intended to help you practice with other skaters and to make progressing great deal less challenging. It’s open to anyone and is simply a way of getting together with others in order to share skating knowledge, and to help each other progress. There’ll be an instructor at each one, and the skills covered are up to those who attend to choose.



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Aims and goals

  • To have a regular meeting point with the essence being friendly and sociable encouragement.
  • Spend time working on skate skills given that skating is a highly technique dependent sport.
  • To help each other by watching and correcting where necessary. Don’t forget to sandwich any criticism between two healthy doses of praise (attr: Bill Begg).


£10 for the 1.5 hours


The club will meet at the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens. Make sure you come up to one of us and ask to join in on practice club. It’s easy to see us busy running a session and assume you can’t join in, when in fact we want you to come along and take part!

The club is weather dependent, I would not recommend learning or practicing difficult skills in the wet as it gets slippery. If you’ve booked, you’ll get a text notification, otherwise see my twitter account for rain cancellation updates.