Skating Video Review

What is video analysis?

Video review is an awesome tool to learn about your skating and to get very precise feedback on exactly what to change. It will show you what you’re doing well, and it will give you the tools and power to change your own skating where it needs improving.

You’ll be filmed on the skills we’re working on, together with the drills to build that skill. This enables you to see what’s right, and what’s wrong and thus needs working on.

Is it any good for my skating?

Now that you’re taking lessons, you’ve no doubt already seen the value of having an instructor to push your ability, and to get you to learn new skills. Video review goes a step further, and is an essential coaching tool used to huge effect in many sports. Skating happens so fast in real time that frame-by-frame video review of critical moments lets us quickly pinpoint and demonstrate problems that might never be found without it.

No matter how skilled the instructor, there’s always two problems that are hard to completely compensate for:

  • Nearly everybody has a mismatch between their own internal image of themselves, their body position, and how they skate, and what they are actually doing.
  • Secondly skating feels very different to the way it looks, and often the way it feels is interpreted to be wrong the first few times it’s done.
  • Video review provides a frame-by-frame slow motion record of what you’re doing on skates.
  • I will measure your knee bend with a goniometer (a fancy protractor with legs), and I’ll measure how many frames of video where you have both skates on the ground, as well as numerous other details. This is objective rather than subjective feedback.

Video review helps overcome these problems and leads to faster progress in learning and perfecting skills.

Watching yourself on video can be painful (well, not literally!) and humbling, but it’s a sure way of seeing exactly how you skate. Every skater, no matter how good, has technical errors in his/her skating. For myself, I don’t believe it’s possible to improve as a skater until I’m humble enough to accept my own failings, and video review certainly showed me mistakes I didn’t know about before. Once you know and accept what’s wrong with your skating, it’s much easier to work on correcting them.

  • Skating video review
  • £1000
  • Edited video with slow motion from
    three sides and written analysis

What’s included?

This is an add-on you can buy with a private lesson, giving you video footage of your skating.

We will rewind and review the video during the lesson for the most direct feedback.
You’ll be able to compare demonstrated skills directly with the way you do them.
It includes online footage of your skating and written feedback on your skating in considerable detail.
The feedback usually includes what you’re doing well, what needs improving, and some suggested drills and practices to help you correct your skills.