Wheels and Wheelchairs are a group of London-based skaters, rollerbladers and wheelchair users who go out together as a group on a regular basis. Their aim is to raise awareness of the difficulties that wheelchair users encounter on a daily basis, and they want to encourage wheelchair users to live more active lives, through their participation in outdoor sports.

The wheelchair users are pushed by the skaters, and together they cover a distance of 5 – 12 miles. They meet twice a month, and their joint trips usually start in one of London’s main parks – either Battersea Park or Victoria Park; and on the last Sunday of the month, they usually go out on the Snail Stroll, which is organised by the London Friday Night Skate.

As a group of able bodied and disabled friends, they go out together to do what neither group would be able to do on their own.
For further information, check out:

the Facebook page Wheels & Wheelchairs

their website wheels and wheelchairs

or contact them on info@wawc.org.uk

3rd group stroll

4th group stroll